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Earthworks is a specialised company offering the latest technology through staff

fully conversant with all technical aspects of the work.  Our expertise and understanding in

geophysics and geostatistics is second to none and as a consequence we are also a leading

trainer to the industry in these disciplines, through courses and technical conferences.

Earthworks currently offers 3 training courses

Geostatistics & Advanced Property Modelling in Petrel**

A Practical Guide to Inversion and Stochastic Modelling

Prospect Evaluation Methods: Volumetrics and Gross Rock Volume

Course Instructor

The course instructor is Ashley Francis, Managing Director of Earthworks and a geophysicist and geostatistician whose

career has encompassed over 29 years world-wide oil industry experience of exploration, development and production

geophysics. Ashley has worked in or on behalf of service companies, consultancies and oil companies in North and South

America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East and Australia. He spent 5 years with LASMO plc in Technical Services

assisting and advising asset teams worldwide in geophysics (particularly inversion), geostatistics, risk and uncertainty.

Ashley was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Post Graduate Institute in Sedimentology, University of Reading, UK 1995-97

and continues to teach geostatistics to MSc Petroleum Geoscience students at Imperial College, London, a role he began

in 1999.  Ashley is a committee member and regular attendee at the SEG Development and Production Forum. He was

Chairman of the 2000 and 2003 meetings. He was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer 2006 - 2007. He presents widely at

conferences on the subjects of geophysics and geostatistics, his most recent paper being on stochastic inversion and

reservoir modelling at the GEO2010 conference, Bahrain. Ashley is a member of SEG, EAGE, IAMG, BSSS, IPSS, PESGB and

a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Geostatistics & Advanced Property Modelling in Petrel**

This is a 4 day training course suitable for all geoscientists. The course provides a comprehensive overview of

geostatistical theory as well as practical experience in implementing facies and petrophysical modelling in Petrel**.

On completion of this course, participants will have built competence at a skilled application level in the key 

geostatistical methods that play such a major role in modern reservoir characterisation, then applying them through

practical exercises using the Advanced Property Modelling modules of Petrel.

A Practical Guide to Inversion and Stochastic Modelling

A 4 day course specifically targeted at geophysicists but of value to other experienced discipline leads such as geologists

and seismic interpreters. On completion of this course, participants will have built competence in the application of

seismic inversion to defining rock properties, emphasising the importance of stochastic methods and analogies to

geostatistics.  Practical experience is given throughout the course using MPSI™ inversion software.

Prospect Evaluation Methods: Volumetrics and GRV

A 3 day course for all subsurface disciplines. The course covers the elements of uncertainty including velocity, seismic

interpretation and depth conversion and the use of geostatistics to evaluate gross rock volume uncertainty. The

hydrocarbons in-place calculation is examined and the uncertainty associated with modelling the petrophysical, fluid and

other parameters described.

Play and prospect risking is also considered and guidelines proposed to assist in utilising database, historical, basin and

global success statistics in your analysis. Parameter dependency is considered and also analysis of the results in the

context of portfolio management. The course includes hands-on practicals on geostatistics, spillpoint and volumetric

uncertainty and prospect evaluation and risking using Earthworks HIIP™ software.

**Registered mark of Schlumberger

Earthworks currently offers the following training courses,details below. The geostatistics has been running

successfully since 1996 and the Seismic Inversion course since 2001.

Currently there are no public courses scheduled for this year. Private in-house courses will be scheduled on request. The tutor for all courses is Ashley Francis, our Managing Director and Principal Geoscientist. 

Inversion and Stochastic Modelling

Download course details: inversion_course_flyer.pdf (0.02 Mb) 

Introduction to Geostatistics

Download course details: geostats_course_flyer.pdf (0.02 Mb) Prospect Evaluation This is intended to run either as a standalone training course or as a course for purchasers of our HIIP Earthworks prospect evaluation software tool HIIP.
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Training Programmes for 2019

Geostatistics & Advanced Property Modelling

A Practical Guide to Inversion and Stochastic Modelling

Prospect Evaluation Methods: Volumetrics and Gross Rock Volume

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