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Earthworks was formed in 2001 to provide services and

consultancy internationally to the oil and gas industry. 

Specialising in subsurface geosciences, Earthworks has a

broad set of skills in geophysics, geology, geostatistics and

risk and uncertainty evaluation.

Professional and Technical Services provided by experts to experts: Seismic Quantitative Interpretation (QI) Studies Rock Physics and Fluid Replacement Modelling Velocity Modelling Geostatistical Depth Conversion Risk & Uncertainty Modelling and Prospect Peer Review Integrated Field Studies including petrophysics and seismic interpretation Petrel Geostatistical Consulting Advanced Well:Seismic Ties using our in-house AutoCal™ Software Seismic Bandwidth Enhancement Extended Elastic Impedance Analysis Pre- & Post-Stack Seismic Inversion Deterministic & Stochastic Seismic Inversion Seismic Inversion • All pre- and post-stack seismic inversion methods including EEI and coloured inversion, pre-stack simultaneous inversion for IP/IS/Rho and UltraFast stochastic inversion • EEI and pre-stack seismic inversion can be applied both in frontier exploration and in development stages of the E&P cycle • All seismic inversion studies are carried out using proprietary ESI software, also available as a plug-in for Petrel* and DecisionSpace**. ESI supports any number of input stacks • Earthworks have considerable experience of seismic inversion projects on broadband data • Lithology and Fluid volumes can be produced using EEI projection, as well as transformation to petrophysical volumes • Additionally, Earthworks can calculate new independent Vp/Vs ratio measures and changes in AVO class, without requiring well data, in exploration and development settings. This has been successfully applied on the OGA Rockall data GRV Uncertainty and STOIIP Estimation • Volumetric analysis and prospect volumetric generation for prospects and reservoirs • Testing for amplitude conformance with structure, the ideal input for which is detuned amplitude data • Probabilistic GRV uncertainty distribution based on appropriate closure criteria including full to spill or fault seal • All computations are performed using Earthworks’ HIIP volumetric uncertainty and depth conversion software package DT-AMP™ 3D Seismic Detuning • Unique technology for 3D seismic detuning, developed by Earthworks • Prospect de-risking by removing thickness related effects from amplitude data, leaving amplitude anomalies caused by pore-fill or lithology • Better understanding of the extents of the reservoir • Can be applied to any pre- or post-stack inversion output • Seismic net-pay with well calibration • Automatic output of multiple attributes for further analysis Seismic Data Conditioning • Rigorous seismic and well data conditioning prior to seismic inversion • Gather conditioning, ensuring common bandwidth across all the stacks and amplitude scaling • Time alignment for residual NMO corrections • Spectral Enhancement and Zero-phasing across the stacks • Proprietary Dip Consistent Noise Rejection filter (DCNR) for improved signal to noise ratio • Renowned expertise on well-ties (no stretch and squeeze!), wavelet estimation and log calibration using proprietary WaveAlign™ and AutoCal™ technology
EARTHWORKS reservoir
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 Vs/Vp Direct from Seismic
 Coloured Inversion EEI -70o
 Stochastic Inversion EEI -70o Realisation 001
 Sea Lion: original
 Sea Lion: DCNR
Earthworks is a world leader in stochastic seismic inversion technology.  In addition to undertaking stochastic inversion studies using our UltraFast MPSI  technology, we also offer the only 3-term pre-stack simultaneous stochastic inversion for IP, IS and density.
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Point 1
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Point 2
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Point 3
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